Christmas window round-up

I always make an effort to snap exciting and inspiring windows displays as I am dashing around London from meeting to meeting, but at Christmas I make a special effort to comp shop properly. So this year, I did two days, yes I took whole days out of my schedule to visit all areas of London, from Ox St to New Bond St, Knightsbridge and Sloane Square to capture as many wonderful windows as possible.

A few of my favourites from this collection are Jimmy Choo, Hermes, Anthropologie, Harrods and Liberty. I also had lunch with my Mum on one of the days at The Forest on the Roof, which exported us to a ski-lodge style restaurant in the Swiss Alps, for an hour or so which was lovely!

What I also loved was some of the in-store decoration, not all Christmas focused, but the Louis Vuitton display in Selfridges was incredible! Well, see for yourself below!



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