I was sending some work to a client the other day using We Transfer, wow what would we do without that service! Anyway one of the adverts were for Floom a service that is offering floral imagery for free for us to download and use on our Macs, iPhones of iPads (or PC equivalents).

I downloaded them, and just had to share as they are so gorgeous, and beautiful, I just really wanted to show them off as not only are the photography skills amazing but I love the compositions and pastel background tones! There’s just something really warm and inviting about them. And Floom think so too, they’ve teamed up with We Transfer to brighten up your office environment with these delightful images, either for your desktop or mobile.

Floom Flower Image 1

Floom Flower Image 2

Floom Flower Image 3

Floom Flower Image 4

Love them too, then go to Floom’s website, and visit their Magazine to download your own. That’s it, this is just a post just showcasing these lovely images!

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