Flowers, flowers, flowers!

It seems to be a real month or two for Flowers. Everywhere I’ve been since visiting the Chelsea Flower show is foliage and flower related. I just wish the weather was good enough so I could get out into my garden and enjoy all my flowers! This post also just so happens to coincide with the fact it was British Flowers week last week, so it seems only right to dedicate this post to all things floral and showcase the different ways I’ve captured them and their diversity.

Firstly, displays like these Jigsaw windows highlighting their Denim range that I found online are fantastic. The use of flowers to add colour and interest to a graphic highlighting their denim range is brilliant, and really so simple yet so effective and quite dramatic too.

Jigsaws Flowers

I’ve screen shot quite a few floral based things of late too. Like floral POS, branding and messaging that brands are using, floral prints on both clothing and accessories for men and women, advertising and photography that is using real and digital florals to add a delicate layer to their designs or a backdrop for models and people using 3D paper flowers. There are also the store displays that are adorning both the inside and outside of stores, to celebrate the start of Summer, the floral shows around the country and even now Wimbledon.

Flowers1 Flowers2 Flowers3 Flowers4 Flowers5 Flowers6 Flowers7 Flowers8 Flowers9

A lot of the floral creative I am finding is being used in a digital way, mixing real, vector and scanned imagery to create layering, and then mixing that with typography to create interesting compositions for branding, web design, stationery and packaging. Also with the trend of phrases being used on Social Media, these graphics are perfect for sharing thoughts, and even printing them out as inspirational posters to put up around your home.

Flowers10 Flowers11 Flowers12 Flowers13 Flowers14

A lot of the examples I am showcasing can be found and credited on my Pinterest boards, under Floral Inspiration, Creative Window Inspiration and Display Ideas so take a look there for flowers galore!








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