Kenzo for H&M

Well what can I say about this amazing collaboration. It’s included some pretty exciting and heavily patterned creative, featuring a lot of social media to create hype and excitement around the collection. It’s a pattern lovers dream, and especially for me as I’m a huge fan or animal print mixed with bright colours!!

It certainly does what is says it wanted to do on the H&M website. It’s aim is to be “a designer collaboration between the two labels, creating a collection rich in colour, print and detail”. It intends to re-launch pieces from the 70s, 80s and 90s but linking them closer to street art and culture. It’s said to be the heaviest print collection that H&M have ever done, and it stays true to the Kenzo brand heritage, with their aim of each piece to become a collectors item and exclusive.

So here is a feast for the eyes….

Kenzo Creative

Kenzo Creative and Social Kenzo Displays HM Kenzo online Behind the collection online

As you’ll see from the collection of imagery I have pulled together, that mixes social imagery, the H&M website, window displays to packaging and in store displays – the brand has achieved the ultimate hype and omni-channel creative experience through pattern, colour and synergy. There’s no way you’re not going to recognise this collaboration, and I’m super pleased to have got a few pieces for myself too!!


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