London Meetings

May has taken me into London a few times, and as you may know by now I always try and capture some exciting window displays along the way. I’ll showcase a few of these in a while, as my recent meetings have taken me to High Street Kensington of late.

What has been exciting has been meeting up with some like-minded creatives and teams of late, like the lovely Rowena from Visual Sense who I met up with for coffee and a good old design chin-wag at The Hoxton Hotel in Holborn while she was over here on a research trip. We met up to see if we might be able to collaborate on some up-coming projects (so watch this space), but also to talk shop really. We mulled over every design topic, from the Retail experience to carrier bags. What was nice, was in this age of digital and social technology, which is over taking our lives and for many, replacing the art of conversation – was to actually sit down and talk to someone about all things I love. As we sat surrounded by people on their phones, tablets and laptops, we sat with a coffee in hand, and talked about how much we both loved Retail, how we only shop online once we’ve tried something on in store, or know the brand really well, and how we both still love the store environment and how nice it is to walk away, proud, holding that shopping bag in your hand – and how we love the anticipation of taking our purchases home.

The Hoxton Hotel

What was also nice was, that we are both on the same wave length when it comes to how brands need to evolve and change with the times. The consumer now expects an omni-channel experience, they expect to see and shop in the same way regardless of whether it’s at home, work, on their phone, tablet or in-store. They expect to see the same graphics, same marketing campaign, and a level of consistency. That’s where the Marketing strategy and planning come into play, to make a cohesive campaign to work across all channels. And that’s where lots of brands still fall down, or don’t understand where to pitch themselves, who their customer is or how to engage across all these platforms. This is where we believe brands need to do more customer research, get inside the consumers mind, understand what she likes and how she shops, and then what she buys. This way you’ll attract her/him, engage with them, get them to purchase and become and fan and re-purchase.

Sound familiar? We mulled over this topic for literally hours, and think there are few brands getting it right, yet. Maybe it’s food for thought, maybe you’re a start up or small brand, and need advice? Or a bigger brand, and fancy someone with fresh eyes taking a look. Well get in touch and I can help! Rowena also blogged about our chat, and her day in London, which can be read here and you can also check out her website for more information and Marketing assistance too!

After a few hours, and several coffees later, I went onto my second meeting with an exciting small brand that I will be working with on their Lookbooks, all customer facing to showcase their AW collections and Denim ranges. I can’t say much more than this for now, but am super excited to be working with their team, and really looking forward to the work. And of course, sharing it with you all!

Here are those window shots I promised earlier. A selection (some taken in the rain) of Banana R, M&S, Jigsaw and H&M. Also a super cool, pattern-tastic window by Zara Home that I just had to snap!

Banana Republic and Massimo Dutti

Jigsaw and H&M

M&S and Zara VM

Zara Home window

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