Loving Jigsaw’s windows!

As usual, walking around London I always have to snap a few windows, here I feature Liberty, Banana Republic and &OtherStories.

Banana Republic and &OtherStories

Oasis and Topshop

Liberty Windows

Liberty Windows 1

But a brand who has been standing out from the crowd of late is Jigsaw, everywhere I go I am seeing some inventive and creative window displays both across their Womens and Menswear and I am finding myself following their creative more and more across all channels. How cool are these pastel PVC tubes? What I like about the scheme, is the boldness of the typography against the subtle all over sponged paint effect decal, that is subtle but adds a colour element over the entire window and any product featured covering it like colourful rain.

Jigsaw Window

Think I featured a couple of their windows in my competitor shots for the Queen’s Birthday, but they always catch my eye. I used to just notice their store on Argyll Street, but now it seems different schemes are popping up everywhere. I read a great article the other week on Drapers Online, featuring Laura Curtis their Windows and Special Concepts manager, who explained the rationale and process behind their schemes and how they treat their concepts a bit like art gallery exhibits and showcases; exploring new opportunities such as collaborations, and store specific projects that cater for the store design and local audience. You can see that they understand and relate to their audience, as they know artistic displays work and resonate best with their customers. Have a read of the article on the link above, it’s really interesting.

I decided to have a quick look online and found this amazing display from the beginning of this year, that must have passed me by (not sure how as it’s amazing) which is not only incredible from a display and collation perspective, but it also illustrates exactly what I mean about them creating bespoke, almost one off displays that relate to art and culture and have an exhibition style to them.

Jigsaw Artist Inspired window

Jigsaw Painting the Modern Garden window

I’ll be showcasing some more of their windows in a couple of later posts as they are a brand to watch in my opinion, not because they are changing their style as this remains minimalist, cool and luxury, but for re-inventing themselves to do something different and bring new ideas through their window displays to the high street. Brands are starting to look the same in my opinion, so it’s nice to see some standing out!

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