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Three brands that have really stood out this season so far in my opinion are Gucci, Coach and Marc Cain. Now they’re not normally brands that catch my eye in all honesty, perhaps because their products sit in the real luxury market and so do their price points, but also because they’re campaigns are not normally so well publicised. They tend to do Marketing Campaigns that you see in magazines, but they don’t catch your eye that much. Or perhaps it’s not that their campaigns don’t catch my eye, it’s maybe because now that I am working with more luxury high end brands, and that I get the time to read and purchase magazines, and even that my own taste has changed that I am noticing them more, as I am looking out for the more high-end brands as I buy their products?

Whatever the reason, they’re doing some fantastic things and I want to share them with you. So this season, Gucci have been inspired by German 80’s Pop Culture, creating a visual campaign (both imagery and video) that features Berlin in all it’s glory, from roof top bars to warehouse clubs, the urban setting acts as a carefree hedonistic backdrop for the product.

The video can be seen here, and below are a selection of the images that have been gracing publications and billboards alike. The SS16 Campaign was shot by Glen Luchford, and what he’s done is cleverly contrasted the artistic and brutalist nature of this city against the dreamy romance of Alessandro Michele‚Äôs collections. What I really love is the way the product stands out, but actually really compliments the scenery. Like the guy stood on the stairs holding the peacock, his tone of jacket works with the tiling; similarly the guys running in the corridor matches the billboard poster.

Gucci 1Gucci 2 Gucci 4 Gucci

They’re just really cool images, and the product of course is amazing and very Gucci.

Now I move onto Coach. A brand whose lookbooks have always inspired me, as I love their product photography and lifestyle imagery – they also print their marketing collateral on really nice stock! So this season is actress Chloe Grace Moretz’s second turn as the face of the brand. Her natural look lends a free-spirited aesthetic across the Spring 2016 campaign, which was styled by Karl Temper and photographed by Mikael Jansson at Caumsett State Park in Huntington, New York. The imagery showcases the brands prarie-like floral prints and dresses, as well as leather coats, and multi-coloured handbags.

Chloe first appeared as the face of Coast in SS15, and she likes working with them as she thinks they’re a cool and fun brand, and she loves working with their team and Creative Director Stuart Vevers, in particular as he always comes up with interesting and on point ideas.

What I like is the way you can see the how the creative direction has evolved and been inspired by the Catwalk show, and that in turn has then featured as the high profile ‘face of’ imagery and then the all store imagery used for advertorials and more main stream marketing. I like the layering of the background imagery behind the main campaign shot as this re-emphasizes the scenery and works well against the white contrasting panel with logo. It shows how the collection works in both urban and rural landscapes, and the contrast is nice as the photography tone is still similar. This is a very common theme nowadays in design and fashion layouts in particular, such as brands like Mango, Zara and Jigsaw using imagery of the scenery, behind the scenes shots, or extra close ups of the product or theme to add an extra element to the design and layout; whether that be for print or online. This is what Coast have done here, by including close ups of the handbags to show detail.

Coach Coach 1 Coach 2 Coach 3

And finally my showcase features a designer that up until about 6 months ago I did not know much about. But I saw Marc Cain’s imagery featured in a magazine when I was getting my hair done at the hairdressers and I have since been interested in not only his collections but also his campaign imagery and marketing approach.

The brand Marc Cain is said to combine a sense of aesthetics and art with a laid-back attitude, a natural look, innovative thinking and exclusivity. The brand loves women who live in the moment, are confident, open-minded and curious. Expressing her love of being a woman by wearing the clothes she wants to.

Cain is known for innovative thinking, with high expectations on design, materials, quality and using modern processes, techniques and technologies. They like to think they make fashion that is distinctive and unmistakable, and a recognised premium fashion brand.

The SS16 collection, uses the idea of ‘coordinates’ in a way to combine several pieces of clothing into one outfit or collection of looks. The imagery is simple, with compared to the above examples a plain yet rich coloured backdrop. The outfit combinations and choices allow a mix of different components that harmonize and work together, allowing the opposites to work together and create the perfect picture and outcome. This is a trend that I am seeing coming through for the AW16 season too, mix and matching prints and textures to complete the perfect look. So despite the outfit looking mis-matched it actually works perfectly and is balanced.

Take a look at the images and see for yourself, he even manages it with the sports range too!

Marc Cain 1 Marc Cain 2 Marc Cain 3 Marc Cain Sport Marc Cain Sport 1

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