Somewhere we have always wanted to go, so we decided to use a few air miles and pop over to Marrakech for 5 days to visit a culturally amazing and inspiring city as a mini break for Valentine’s.


Wow have you ever taken a taxi ride in Marrakech – don’t do it if you are a nervous passenger, as it will scare you witless. Not only are there crazy drivers, but there are a serious amount of mopeds and motorbikes, some with multiple passengers and no road markings, a receipe for disaster! We were staying in a traditional Raid, known to be one of the best in the city, called La Maison Arabe, and what an amazing place to stay. Everywhere you looked was incredible architecture, tiles, colours, shapes, patterns and prints. As you can imagine, I spent my whole time photographing amazing lights, doorways and carpets – it really was a feast for the eyes.

La Maison Arabe

Riad Textures

Riad Patterns

We did a tour of the city with a guide, who showed us around the incredible and enormous Souks – where I have never seen so much pottery, lights, carpets, leather and sandals in all my life. We walked through so many alley ways, streets, shops and historic areas we would have got so lost if it was not for the guide, so really pleased we used him as we also got told about the city and history as we walked round.

Souk Pottery

There were a few things I was really keen to see, such as the Yves St Laurent gardens – which were stunning. On a lovely sunny day, the blue and yellow of the buildings and garden decoration with plants looked incredible, and so striking. It made me stop and stare for a while, we sat on a bench and just looked at the gardens in awe of their structure, decoration, and arrangement.

Jardin Majorelle

The studio has been turned into a museum of culture and Moroccan dress so we walked around that and then saw a fantastic exhibition of Yves St Laurent paintings from each decade. Bought a few postcards which will make a lovely display in my home studio. Just think they’re so gorgeous and love the colours he’s used.

Yves Saint Laurent Gardens

Yves Saint Laurent Gardens details

Yves Saint Laurent Statue

Yves Saint Laurent Gardens

A few of the days were spent taking in the culture and buying a few traditional Moroccan items such as terrines, dishes and an ornate water jug – but the rest were spent at their oasis garden retreat, relaxing by the pool and drinking tea and eating amazing food while listening to jazz music. So here are a few snaps from our adventure, and all I would say is if you want somewhere to do Marrakech is an amazing experience and a definite short break destination.

Yves Saint Laurent Exhibition


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