Phase Eight’s AW16 Press Day

I consult for Phase Eight on all manner of creative projects, many of them independent events and marketing projects – and I was delighted to be asked to help with the design and creation of their AW16 Press Show. Working with the in-house PR team, I gathered information from them as to what product we had to showcase in the space, used the new campaign imagery to lead a lot of my ideas – so like last season we could make sure there was a strong tie in, and both Press and the customer could see the journey the brand was undertaking for the season.

Press Day Inspiration

The campaign shoots for both Phase Eight and Studio 8 were shot by Peter Pedonomou and the team at Stansfield & Eustace. Phase Eight featured warm and luxe tones, like soft gold, chocolate and linen grey to compliment the product and model. Mixing media such as textured linen with reflective perspex and dark wood furniture made some great tones to work with gave me ideas for the Press Show props and layout. Studio 8 had a similar strong theme to work with, that being turquoise in different rich tones, with highlights of red and velvet textures.

Phase Eight printed collateral

So having this information, the first plan was to look at the space and plot out where we wanted the day, occasion, accessories and Studio 8 areas. Once planned, I created a couple of mood boards to give to the teams to see what accessory fixtures we might have available to use from the VM team before we looked to hiring. Granger and Hertzog had a lot of the furniture available that was used in the shoot, so we hired a selection to replicate what was featured in the campaign and to bring this alive, such as chairs, tables and lamps. We also decided to use large 3m x 1.5m campaign graphics to give impact to the space which has the height to take something of this scale, we chose real press worthy shots to show the change in brand direction and some exciting new and on trend pieces for the brands. We also highlighted key pieces with the signature hangtags, had the press books available for viewing and highlighted the fact we wanted the press and visitors to share their experience socially, with several social signs dotted around the displays.

Phase Eight Mannequins

Phase Eight Occasionwear

Studio8 Area

The accessory display was an area I focused on heavily last season, as I don’t think it’s ever been given the space it deserves to showcase some exciting accessories, so this time I decided to use a piece of furniture to house all accessories such as shoes, handbags, boots, jewellery and scarves. By treating the furniture like the photography set, we could set an image behind it, and then treat the scene as a display area with lamp and props to showcase the product. This whole area I designed, dressed and displayed myself while other areas were being set up, and then I assisted with mannequin positioning on plinths, product and graphic placement, helping with affixing the entrance and placing social signs that I’d designed to coordinate with the over all look (wood and gold, always a winner).

Accessories Area

Luckily Phase Eight and Studio 8 fixtures worked so well with the overall look, that we had perfect vehicles to showcase all the product, and they just needed some hang tags to highlight key looks for the Press. JVP Events were fantastic with assisting with the coordination of graphics, plinths and plants – we had a fantastic mixture of succulents mixed with larger foliage to bring the space to life. Mixing these amongst mannequins sat casually in a maxi dress on a seat, or a mannequin propped on a tall bar seat in a jumpsuit added that extra layer of interest and reality to the space.

Phase Eight details

Feedback via the teams from the show was great, there was plenty of social coverage, and it seems the press and teams loved the look of the show, and the new collections went down a treat! Roll on SS17!

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