Props for


In one form or another, each project I have worked on has meant creating something 3D. Whether that be a window prop, an in store high level graphic or vinyls for the walls. All of these require sourcing ideas different media and experimenting with textures, materials and pushing the boundaries of print.

Below is a selection of props I have created or trialed for a concept. Not all have gone into production, and some are one offs (only samples) but they all have the possibility to become a great window scheme, in store hanging decorative item, or turn into a decorative decal for a wall or floor.

Felt Heart

This is an applique, embroidered and bejewelled felt heart that I designed in Illustrator and had made in China as a central hanging piece for an Accessorize Christmas window. The theme was based on folk designs, using simple birds and floral shapes to create a scene of felt hanging trees and the central heart being the focal point. The whole design was then framed with a matching screen printed decorative decal and filled with a mix of Christmas product. The final window can be seen in the Window Displays section of my portfolio.

Perspex Paisleys

Wooden 40

For Monsoon, we still got to experiment but it was more on brand and always had a heritage feel. We worked with laser cut and painted wood, die cut perspex, a lot of gold foil, tassels and jewels. As you can see above, we trialed laser cutting perspex into intricately designed paisleys to create a hanging prop to sit next to a campaign window graphic. I also designed this ethnic style pattern, for Monsoon’s 40th Birthday and we had the numbers die cut and painted out of wood to act as freestanding in store and window letters for our top stores.

Accessorize Ideas

Accessorize Props

Yes there really is a mix of things here! Over the years at Accessorize, no idea was too crazy. I developed schemes using fabric covered life rings, wooden pineapples and a miniature flamingo (how on trend are these now?!). So anything is possible. As you can see plenty of 2D and 3D butterflies were developed, plenty of laser cut paper to add interest to a simple yet versatile media and several decorative birds.

I’ve worked with several UK and International suppliers to create a lot of these ideas, most have been developed in house by creating initial designs from sketches and vector drawings, then I like to get materials, and experiment. So if I’m developing a swing with tassels on, I would create the swing in house using materials I have and then get that made on a more professional scale to show a client or get sign off.