Progressive Greetings Card show

After the Vogue Exhibition we went onto the Progressive Greetings Card show at the Business Design Centre in Islington, my favourite haunt, I seem to be there all the time at the moment! We had to book a tour, as you are not allowed to walk around as a member of the public, which we really like as only allowing trade visitors elimates people walking by your stand and being just a visitor or even competitor looking for ideas, with no intention to buy. This is something that frustrated me, when we had a stand at Top Drawer as so many people had no intention of making an order.

Greetings card show

We are thinking of exhibiting there next year with my Mum’s business Decorque Cards, showcasing her fantastic selection of handmade and printed greetings cards. What was nice to see was a show that seemed to be properly organised, with lots of perks for the exhibitors, and the costs are pretty reasonable. So we’ve popped our name down on the list and look forward to hearing if we can exhibit and picked up a great goody bag on the way round!

Show giveaways

What was nice to see, was that Mum entered a Card design competition in honour of the Queen and her 90th Birthday and her card was there on display at the show! There was a big wall of cards, all of which were being sent to the Queen via the Greetings Card Association, of which Mum and Decorque Cards are members. Her design looked great amongst all the others, it showcasing her unique design style using a mix of Photoshop, Illustrator, Handpainted and embellished with jewels, fit for a Queen!

90th Birthday Card for the GCA

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