Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration Window

What better to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday than a celebratory window in Windsor. I was delighted to be asked to work with the Phase Eight VM team on the design and installation of this window scheme, in this selected store. Partaking in the celebrations was an important moment for the store team and also the brand, and let’s hope it gets featured in the press coverage and wins the window competition!

Queens 90th Birthday

Working closely with the team to ensure my design worked with the key product, and window space, I researched themes, looked at previous Royal windows designed by both myself and other brands and presented some initial ideas using both 2D and 3D media. The chosen design and route was a floral tribute using key prints from the in-house print team using the colour palette of the Queen’s 90th celebrations, cream and purple, along with highlights such as red, white and blue to create a huge floral Union Jack backdrop in the three main windows.

Window Concepts

This was designed to the exact window dimensions, and installed by the print suppliers team to ensure it fitted exactly. It was applied directly to the back wall, to make sure it didn’t impact the limited space required for the mannequins, and would last the 2 month required window duration.

Graphics being installed

Along with the bold backdrops, I also created a selection of floral self cling corner decals to add decoration to the smaller windows which were open backed, and to act as a frame for the single mannequins. This used the same prints as the main graphics, but just on a smaller scale, and were installed by myself using a squeegee and plenty of soapy water! To finish off the graphic element, I created a gold outside applied vinyl reading ‘A Very Royal Birthday’ to layer on top of three of the windows which featured a cheeky little floral crown on top of the word Royal.

Decal application

Choosing product was crucial to this window, to compliment the scheme. Luckily Phase Eight is renowned for its floral prints, and having seen the stock beforehand, we knew we would have some fabulous prints to mix amongst some plainer pieces to bring the windows to life. It was nice to dress the windows with a mixture of stock, to showcase both the occasion wear but also the day wear which shows a more casual side to the brand. Using such bold and simple graphics, added that decorative element but also kept it very modern and allowed the product to stand out in these very prominent windows within the town centre.

Front of the Windsor store

Priority Windows

Side Windows

This took a day to install, dress and position the mannequins, and we went to a garden centre to finish off the exterior with a couple of matching bay trees. What was interesting was that the competition from other brands in Windsor was quite minimal, so we have high hopes of being recognised for our efforts and we hope the Queen liked it too!

Competitor windows

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