Scoop London and Fashion Utopias

Since starting my business, I have approached a few small independent designers to work with on all manner of graphic design projects – some of who were exhibiting at some of the smaller shows at LFW showcasing their amazing products. I’d love one year to go to a proper LFW show! One can dream I suppose.

Exhibition graphics

Anyway taking advantage of my trip to London, I decided to visit the Fashion Utopias exhibition first at Somerset House – which I was excited to see as it had a great write up and reviews on social media. Wow what a showcase of fantastic design from a select number of countries. It was a really exciting exhibition, as you had no idea what the next room would look like, all you had to do was follow the black tape to see the next, well I will call them installations, as they were as well as brilliant fashion ideas and concepts. What I really loved about this was that the exhibition design in itself was as exciting as the fashion it was showcasing.

Exhibition Graphics and Fashion

Designs from different countries

Egypt Fashion

My favourite was the paper origami flowers and mannequin arrangement in the room created by Egypt. Not only was the fashion my style, but also the accessories and display of it all was right up my street. There were some truly fantastic ideas, and some designs that really explored cultural differences and the boundaries of materials.

Fashion Outfits

Fashion Utopias Leaflet Collection

Fashion Outfits and Designs

Fashion Outfits and Creative designs

After this, I visited the Scoop International show at the Saachi Gallery, took a few snaps of some windows on my way past as always, but then went in to see my friend Esin Akan showcasing her amazing handbags. I’m very pleased to have helped her design her SS16 look book, and some marketing collateral, so it was a delight to see her products in all their glory and hopefully some great retailers snap up her designs so she becomes a well known name in the luxury handbag market!

Scoop Exhibition


I also met up with some other fantastic brands such as Troy London, The British Glove Company, Dahlia Razzook, Nadia Minkoff and Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn – all creating exciting products such as jewellery, shoes, fashion and gloves. It was also lovely to see so many UK based, and handmade brands showcasing there, and what an inspiring venue to have it in. Looking forward to the next one!

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