Vogue 100 Exhibition

I’ve seen so much hype and rave reviews on the Vogue 100 show on social media, it seemed like one not to miss, oh and while I remember I must visit the Missoni Art Collection before it ends in September (note to self!). Anyway…. Mum and I decided before visiting the Progressive Greetings Card show in the afternoon we’d take a trip along to the National Portrait Gallery (tickets pre-booked) to visit the show.

Got there a bit early so stopped off for a well needed coffee first in their fab cafe down the basement after getting soaked by torrential rain on the way there from the tube station. Also picked up a few nice items from the shop while we waited for our time slot – like the commemorative issue of Vogue with the Duchess of Cambridge on the cover, a classic Vogue 1930’s cover poster for our wall at home and some cool folders for work at my studio.

Vogue 100 exhibition

Vogue 100 purchases

Immediately I could tell the show was going to be good, as just after the entrance we walked into an area that showcased all the covers over the years and they were lit up using light boxes, and all colour coordinated. Now that’s my kind of showcase!! What was interesting from this was how many times models like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Lara Stone have featured on the cover. Really interesting to see how over the years how the covers changed from being art and design based, to photographic, and you can really see the change in style through the decades. 1930’s design is always so recognisable, and a style that I am very fond of, so the Art Deco covers really interested me.

Vogue exhibition entrance

The exhibition was laid out in a rather unusual way, and there were quite a few people getting lost, as you worked backwards from the present day back to the 1900’s. It could have done with better signage, but it was really interesting, and an incredible showcase of such an iconic and fantastic magazine over the years. The displays highlighted key events and were really a mini-history lesson, showing changes in popular culture, politics, how we’ve changed socially and how technology has influenced advertising and editorial content.

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