Westfield White City Windows

Another trip into London this time took me to Westfield for a meeting, so thought it was time to see what stores were doing there.

& Other Stories and Uniqlo

Some very uninspiring windows from a few brands, but there are always stores that pull out the stops and create something really interesting – one being Oasis who always have creative flair and inventiveness.


I must say that stores I wouldn’t expect to have interesting displays did this time around, and others like H&M didn’t catch my eye at all. Tommy Hilfiger has a nice display of on trend tropical palm leaves and trees out of a wood texture in the window. The display for me looks a bit unbalanced, but I like the style and it’s a good theme to work with their current campaign.

Reiss Hobbs Tommy H

Hobbs also had a nice yellow floral window scheme, which again works and compliments their current campaign, but it was nice to see them experiment with colour, they do love a floral display!

Accessorize and Monsoon

There were also some interesting things going on inside stores too, Banana Republic have got a lovely natural wood, plain pastel colour, cloche and desert plant theme going on in store which compliments their shop fit and fixtures, yet helps to highlight the bold pieces of jewellery and make the finer pieces more visible. For me their accessory area is one of the most inviting and pleasing to shop that I have seen in a while.

Banana Republic Accessory Area

Shoe shop Dune also had a very interesting and versatile window shoe display that also would work well for in store displays, it created some interesting shapes and geometric patterns but could be moved around and have the panels inside swapped to create a different look and allow them to be used in a different way – a key trend when stores are investing in more permanent display fixtures now, is that they can get varied and multiple uses out of them.

Dune Topshop

Mango Warehousen Longchamp

Fossil Gant M&P Laura Ashley

But overall I was pretty unimpressed, and think it’s such a shame that stores nowadays don’t invest in their windows like they used to, what I am seeing is quite a bit of repitition too, seeing similar scheme from month to month, even season to season or year to year!

Windows are a fantastic space to not only advertise your brand, but multiple products and also attract attention. People photographing your windows, and stopping to take a longer look is no bad thing! Come on high street, pick yourself up, and invest back in the stores again!

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