Windows Displays from London

I’m always taking photos of window and in store displays when I am out, so there will always be posts dedicated to exciting and interesting displays. This collection of shots is part of our trip to London, and I took the opportunity to photograph some interesting graphics, decals and props from along the Kings Rd when visiting a client.

John Lewis

Accessorize Petit Bateau Stefanel

Some nice concepts from John Lewis, I quite often like to go to different parts of London, Oxford Street can get quite boring and repetitive. So I like to go to South Kensington, Sloane Square, New and Old Bond Street and Regent street to see different schemes – ranging from small independent brands to the luxury designers who are creating one off masterpieces in their windows, like Hermes or Louis Vuitton. This is where the unusual and intriguing displays can be found. Not knocking Selfridges, Harrods or Harvey Nichols for their creations but I often find a great idea can come from a visit to somewhere unexpected.

Anthropologie and Free People

Anthropologie, always create the ultimate inventive and creative window display. What I love is each store is unique, and allows the VM team to create something different for the in store and window display. This allows such creative freedom but also real belief in the team to create something on brand, and I’m sure encourages team work!

French Connection

I don’t often photograph French Connection as their style is a bit too simplistic for me, but these lit up lightboxes highlighting mannequins on slightly raised plinths caught my eye. I really like the accessory display as this almost makes it look like a still life photography set.

Jigsaw and Whistles both caught my eye too, due to their material choices. I love it when brands experiment with different substrates, and create something equally beautiful and effective but very different. Printing onto substrates like corrugated plastic, wood, tiles has become a real trend and the new digi machines allow almost anything to be possible. What I love is the way the material creates a layered effect on the campaign image, and an almost ethereal effect in contrast to the bright yellow flower. It creates a really interesting backdrop for a simple jacket. In contrast but still playing with materials is Whistles, who has created this gorgeous backdrop of paper cut out foliage that works so well to highlight the new season, fresh collection. The colours are perfect for this transitional time of year, and it’s a great use of simple coloured paper, die cut into quite delicate shapes and then layered. I love it!

Whistles and Jigsaw

LK Bennett

By being away from the standard high street shops, you also get to look at brands that have a higher budget for displays, as many have opted for the simple window graphic on fabric or a light box, and while this is simple and effective to showcase a campaign, it isn’t particularly exciting, where I like to see a more inventive approach, using different materials and substrates. I want to see more just print, brands experimenting with the window space and creating a piece of theatre really that makes us stop and photograph it. I always used to think when I designed a window for Accessorize, that if people are photographing it I must be doing something right!

Banana Republic

Now I’m not a lover of Sale, I can’t shop in Sales and find some sale graphics harsh and unappealing. Banana Republic have just got it right in my opinion, this season they have worked with this very on-trend handwritten style typography, and carried it right through the season from all instore POS, to their website, bags and Sale collateral. That’s why when they layer it on top of a New Collection Spring window, which uses some fab gold tipped pyramids, it doesn’t look out of place. It’s because they treat it with interest and have it like a handwritten swoosh across the glass. Huge fan of Sale in this store as it looks considered and, dare I say it, cool!

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